is a translocational/transmedia art and healing technology network for healing hue-bodies with its mother-hub in Detroit. The experimental non-profit practices poetic-institutional-living and cultivates transnational celebratory memories of ancestral and digital healing on the earth.

The global network is dedicated to documenting and sharing poetic tactics and survival strategies of migrational beings and implies these techniques to its institutional models of organizationa and participation.  It also helps the Iranian American Museum (IAM) to design its institutional flow based on organic eco-systems and somatic and sonic desires of working bodies.  It further connects IAM as an immigrant community Museum  with the larger pluxus of minority groups.

POETIC SOCIETIES experiences poetry as a migrational transmedia art that travels chest to chest and heart to heart. It carries the history of the hue-people, hands over immortal acts of social justice, and celebrates borderless lives.  To us, immigrants, refugees, and all  multi-locational bodies are evolutionary beings who are capable of navigating unconventional moments of growth, conflict, and interdependency.  

By colliding art, music, meditation, and network technologies, POETIC SOCIETIES, creates content to sync distant bodies. We create dynamic engagements among diverse communities and curate experiences of network-based intersectional solidarity  across the global plexus of margins in innovative, reciprocal, and ethical  modes.

POETIC SOCIETIES receives hue-mans as poetic-beings emerging in poetic environments. It shares with its community empathic moments of breathing, unpeeling,  and manifesting life in harmony with the multiverse, earth, nerves, skins, bones, muscles, and all the in-betweens.


Poetic Societies is a (501)c(3) nonprofit and the global arts and healing technology network of the Iranian American Museum (IAM).


All Poetic Societies’ contracts, agreements, and collaborations are executed from a space abundance. We value poetic currencies and receive humans as poetic-beings emerging in poetic environments.

Poetic Societies generates income through artistic, cultural, and educational services, partnerships, and grants.  We price our products and services on a sliding scale so fees are thereby reduced for those who have lower incomes.  We do not tolerate nor accept resources or partnerships from individuals and entities that sabotage intersectional and environmental justice.

Poetic Societies is a registered Art Space Sanctuary and requests the immediate determination of the  wide-ranging assaults on selective populations, including migrants, refugees, Muslims, Latinx, Black, women, and LGBTQI+ communities, as well as artists, academics, scientists, and the press inside the US and across the global. Our residents stand together to build horizontal and non-hierarchical networks of meaningful inclusion and participation. Our mother-hub is Detroit, a resilient city of diverse immigrants.


Founding Director and Curator, Ava Ansari
Ava  is a transmedia artist,  curator, educator, and community organizer.   Since 2010, Ava has been working with her body, language, telepresence and network technologies, and distant bodies to choreograph transnational and transactional celebratory spaces and design tactical media that enable body-conscious modes of arts and policy making. She holds an MA in Arts and Public Policy from The New York University Tisch School of the Arts and a BA in Media Studies from Allameh Tabataba’i University School of Communication in Tehran. She has worked in numerous contemporary art curatorial and educational roles in the US and Southwest Asia since 2007.

Sound Director, Salar Ansari 

Salar started his journey of tech and sound at age 14 in Tehran. Still a studio cat, he lives and works in Detroit as a sound engineer, producer, composer, and DJ. Salar is the manager of Feeder Loft of Luis Resto, former manager of Transmat Record Label of Derrick May, and co-founder of Analog Room, an international music residency in Dubai that produces MUTEK AE.

Music Director, Luis Resto

Luis is celebrated as one of the most creative and accomplished musicians and songwriters active in Detroit, with a recording resume that ranges from Patti Smith and Iggy Pop to Jay Z, B.o.B., and 50 Cent. He is the co-producer and writer of the Oscar-winning song, "Lose Yourself," featured in the movie 8 Mile  with Jeff Bass and  Eminem. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luis_Resto_(musician)

Space Director, Dr. Craig L. Wilkins

Recognized as one of the country’s leading scholars on African Americans in architecture, Craig is an architect, theorist, author, critic, and 2017 National Design Award Winner. His essay, “(W)Rapped Space: The Architecture of Hip Hop” (2006) is the first theoretical source that predicted the influence of hip hop on architecture. His first book, The Aesthetics of Equity: Notes on race, space, architecture and music received a 2008 Montaigne Medal and 2009 National Indie Excellence Award.  https://www.clwilks.com/about