A five week long hybrid experimental workshop between Tehran and Detroit focused on realtime cross-cultural performances and theatrical productions and telepresence technologies as creative material.

Five rehearsals
with guest artists

Introduction: Numbers/Voids
Illusions: Simillarities/Differences
Extensions: Time, Space, Language
Limits: Unexpected/Mandatory
Somatics: Conveyed/Interrupted

Poetelics: Studies+Sceneries

22 artists, musicians, and producers worked with “in-betweenness” as a state of being, an element of space, and a design statement, pushing the boundaries of transnational collaborations in creation, production, and distribution.

Participants created bi-locational multimedia theatrical sceneries with real-time sound design and intensive  manual movements  of handheld lighting, projection, and camera work with objects such as LED ropes, mirrors, clear globes, cardboards, and a parachute.

The sessions also included acting, dance, movement, and dialogue rehearsals with guest artists. Together, they shaped and conveyed feelings, stories, and emotions from place to place and delivered  proactive and embodied documentation techniques.

The parallel sceneries, stories, and designs they made brought to life the terminologies  that Poetic Societies has been using for online tehatrical productions  such as extending, cutting, or blinding a scene on one end for creating interdependent or independent scenes on different locations.