Supercoolwicked (Morgan Hutson) is a multidisciplinary artist, singer, and songwriter. Originating from Detroit’s west side, a place rich in community, she utilizes the power of the collective in her work by tapping into the various roots that have nourished her growth. She maintains presence by honoring the past and looking towards the future. As a creator, Supercoolwicked is a shape-shifter, able to be whoever she decides to be at the moment. Her complex and layered identities have manifested into various forms of the arts in diverse spaces ranging from the Detroit Institute of Arts to the Foundation Hotel, the Kindred Festival held in Detroit’s historic Roosevelt Park, The Waking Windows fest with Moodymann and Dam Funk, and the Earthworks Harvest Gathering at Earthworks farm. Follow the fire and get to know her on @supercoolwicked.


Supercoolwicked pours her boisterous vocals all over the poppy, bouncy instrumentation, and uses carefully sculpted production to create a “High Gloss” world for her listeners. 

Release in 2019 and available for purchase or listen on SpotifyApple Music, and Tidal.