SALAKASTAR (Aka Aja Salakastar Dier) is a Detroit born/based actor, singer, songwriter, and educator working in theatre, television, film, and music. SALAKASTAR is a 2020 Kresge Art Fellow and recipient of 2018 Gilda Award in Live Arts. She is a founding member of iii Sisters Detroit-based feminist writing ensemble, an artist-in-residence at Poetic Societies, a member of A Host of People theater company, and a touring member of I, Too, Sing America at the Michigan Opera Theatre. SALAKASTAR was recently featured on the HBO series “Random Acts of Flyness.” Currently, she is recording her debut album "All Blue: Part One (Majorelle!)" that is produced by Poetic Societies.  SALAKASTAR earned her BFA in classical acting at the Purchase College University in New York.

“All Blue” real-time meditation  at “Forgotten Networks: Juneteenth” tele-protest
Produced by Poetic Societies+CultureHub and Curated by Ava Ansari 

Produced by POETIC SOCIETIES and recorded at the Feeder Loft in Detroit, “ALL BLUE: PART ONE (MAJORELLE!)” or “AB: P1(M!)” is an experimental R+B album with a series of real-time telematic concerts by SALAKASTAR in collaboration with POETIC SOCIETIES. It consists of poetic healing rituals in the form of vibrant sounds, visuals, and mantras in English and Persian. The project is a response to the urgent needs of  people of color and especially womxn for recording and sharing untold narratives of resillience and survival.

SALAKASTAR and POETIC SOCIETIES have been working on this project for the past three years as a healing mechanism for SALAKASTAR and their immediate community. Their intention is to use SALAKASTAR‘s experiences of healing trauma as a Black woman to create a space where self-healing can take place on a mass scale.