Within the embrace of CRAFTED COUNSEL, a journey unfolds—awakening the sensual, institutional, and digital bodies. Since its inception in 2017, the transdisciplinary online and in-person residency program has been assisting creators, tech and law practitioners, healers, and researchers to release pain in critical times, exploring the rich tapestry of human and nonhuman experiences of body-conscious presence, migration, labor, and governance, traversing the realms of hidden limbs, ancestral technologies, and unseen lives.

Guided by POETIC SOCIETIES' founder, Ava Ansari, residents embark on a journey liberated from the constraints of intellectual associations, deadlines, and expectations of output. At CRAFTED COUNSEL, the burden of "selling oneself" fades away, replaced by a spirit of discovery, regardless of the length and intensity of engagement.

CRAFTED COUNSEL is a departure from the rigid structures of traditional institutional residencies. Each individual program is crafted to fit the unique somatic, sonic, and scenic conditions of the participating person in co-regulation with chosen ancestral, everyday, and professional commitments and habits, intertwining personal guidance with collective counseling.

In this framework, whether in solitude or collaboration, body-conscious activities serve as the catalyst, igniting self-awareness and birthing realizations about the interconnections between self, land, and senses of belonging. Observations transcend geographical, environmental, practical, and theorical norms, cultivating proprioception and giving rise to new vocabularies—a testament to the transformative potential of immersive bodily exploration.