"Me, whose olive trees crack the solid rocks, drink the water of the rain, and let the olive oil flow in my veins...I am trying to fight against the sickness of the cells like I am fighting against occupation.”

—Rim Banna, Voices of Resistance





"REMOooOTE: Detroit-Palestine" is a medicinal somatic-sonic-scenic participatory experience produced by POETIC SOCIETIES that works with remote body alignments as unifying acts of protest and protest as radical care.

The 30 min audio-visual experience opened JAM3A Arab Music Festival on September 23-26 with Ava Ansari, Dawn Ceballos, Checkpoint303, Will See (Owólabi Aboyade), Mary Hazboun, Sacramento Knoxx, Mohanad Smama, Saeid Shanbehzadeh, and Samaa Wakeem. 

"REMOooOTE: Detroit-Palestine" connects bodies of being, water, and land to cultivate celebratory memories of liberation, enhancement of natural powers, and commitment to the process for bending environmental and political limitations. 



Opening Acknowledgment: Bodies, Lands, & Senses of Belonging | Dawn Ceballos, Ava Ansari
Opening Acknowledgment: Artificial Intelligence | Ava Ansari, (Amer Zahr)
Breathing Practice to Bend Water | Saeid Shanbehzadeh, Ava Ansari, Mary Hazboun, Will See, Sacramento Knoxx, Mohanad Smama
Body Tunes | Mary Hazboun, Mohanad Smama, Ava Ansari
شهیق(FUTUREBodies) | Mohanad Smama, Checkpoint303, Sacramento Knoxx, Ava Ansari, (Rim Banna)
Story of Spirit | Sacramento Knoxx, Will See, Ava Ansari, Mary Hazboun, Mohanad Smama, Salar Ansari
Samaa 3 x 13 | Samaa Wakeem with Yaa Samar! Dance Theatre To Our Elevated Ancestors | Owólabi Aboyade, Ava Ansari


Produced by POETIC SOCIETIES with the support of The Arab American National Museum (AANM) and collaborative support of Yaa Samar! Dance Theatre. 

Creative Director/Producer/Editor/Videographer/Subtitle Writer | Ava Ansari
Arabic Language Advisor & Subtitles | Mary Hazboun, Shahd Abu Ishak
Audio Engineering & Mastering | Salar Ansari, Feeder Loft
Access & Curatorial Gifts | Taraneh Fazeli
Videographer | Detroit | Jacob Ermete
Creative Care | Eric Williams

شهیق(FUTUREBodies) | Choreographer/Performer | Mohanad شهیق(FUTUREBodies) | Senior Photographer: Ahmad Al-Danf شهیق(FUTUREBodies) | Director | Mohammed Baroud Shahigh شهیق(FUTUREBodies) | Dancers | Naya Al-Madhoun, Minjad Akila, Tala Abu Ali, Wissam Abu Ali, Mohammed Al-Rifi Shahigh شهیق(FUTUREBodies) | Producer | Abd Al-Rahman Salaha شهیق(FUTUREBodies) | Sound Engineer | Qasem Allah Khawaja

Samaa 3 x 13 | Story & Performance | Samaa Wakeem
Samaa 3 x 13 | Director | Eimi Imanishi
Samaa 3 x 13 | Creators | Samar Haddad King & Eimi Imanishi Samaa 3 x 13 | Choreographer | Samar Haddad King
Samaa 3 x 13 | Story Adaptor for screen | Eimi Imanishi & Samar Haddad King
Samaa 3 x 13 | Producer | Yaa Samar! Dance Theatre
Samaa 3 x 13 | Editor & Colorist | Noelia R. Deza
Samaa 3 x 13 | Music | Lou Tides
Samaa 3 x 13 | Sound Designer & Mixer | Nikola Medic
Samaa 3 x 13 | Visual Effects Specialist | T.F. Bundy
Samaa 3 x 13 | Project Manager | Zoe Rabinowitz

3 x 13 was first developed at the Center for Ballet and the Arts at NYU (where Samar Haddad King was a 2019/20 Resident Fellow) and is supported in part by the A.R.T./New York Relief Fund for NYC Small Theatres, Dance/NYC’s Coronavirus Dance Relief Fund, NYC Covid-19 Response and Impact Fund in the New York Community Trust, National Endowment for the Arts, and Takatof Grant for Palestinian Cultural Institutions as part of the A.M Qattan Foundation in Collaboration with Al Mawred Culture Resource.