Detroit-Tehran: MagiCityDecember, 2018


Produced by Poetic Societies, the World's First Telepresence Performing Arts Festival,
provides real-time celebratory encounters between performers and audiences across continents and time zones. The multifaceted platform was launched in Detroit in 2017 and nurtures from a strong community of artists and musician within this major music capital of the world. REMOooOTE, circumvents the geographical, financial, an bureaucratic barriers of traveling for producers, performers, and fans to cultivates safe spaces for togetherness. The festival expands our imagination of online participation and creates moments of joy, freedom, and synergy beyond internal and external boundaries. REMOooOTE 2018 will take place between Detroit and Tehran on December 22nd  and is produced in collaboration with Xcept Studio (Tehran), the Analog Room (Dubai), and The Arab American National Museum (Dearborn). Featured artists include Aja Salakastar, Shaheen
 Aghdam, Salar Ansari, Xcept, Morgan Hoston (Supercoolwicked), and Ian Finkelstein.

µtopian DinnersAugust, 2018


Mike Kelley's Mobile Homestead hits the road this weekend and next to bring Detroit communities µTopian Dinners, a series of unique participatory performances to take place at the Sidewalk Festival and Dixieland Flea Market. µTopian Dinners are daylong interactive performances that invite you to reimagine the "American" meal and explore the values we wish our culture(s) espoused by sharing food, conversation, and songs with artists from Detroit and around the world. Through cyber-linked connections we'll drink tea with friends in Tehran, enjoy brunch with artists in Beijing, and examine how breaking bread with others across a variety of divides can help us understand more about the people in our own backyards. µTOPIAN DINNERS are produced by The Hinterlands and Poetic Societies; created by The Hinterlands, Ava Ansari, Renee Willoughby with Salakastar, Julia Yezbick, Norma Jean Haynes, Amir Pousti (Tehran), Alireza Keymanesh (Tehran), TGIS 周日有限 (Beijing), Pavel Mitenko (Moscow), Danielle Aubert, Jonathan Flatley, and Agnes Flatley.

[ ] the line خط[ ]September-October, 2017


Poetic Societies announces the launch of its Detroit-based Telepresence Educational Program Series, [] the line. The ongoing series consists of workshops, rehearsals, and discursive sessions related to Telepresence Artistic Making. The program aims to make telepresence technologies and practices more accessible for multidisiplinary artists and encourages the production of artistic and socially responsible technologies and experiences that push the boundaries of what we know as Telepresence Art (TA). The first program of the series is a five-week, two-channel workshop between Detroit and Tehran that is produced in collaboration with The Hinterlands. 22 artists, musicians, filmmakers, performers, writers, directors, and producers will participate at this intense online program. During the workshop the participants will explore real-time sound mixing; rehearse camera-light-body movement techniques; and make parallel scenes. They will engage creatively with the concepts of self, the other, time, space, reflection, and distance. [] the line’s first workshop is hosted by Power House Productions: Play House and Pejman Foundation: Kandovan Residency. Participants include Shaheen Aghdam, Ava Ansari, Ariya Ashkan, Yousha Bashir, Liza Beilby, Alicia Castanada Lopez, Naghmeh Fakourzadeh, Levon Kafafian (Fringe Society), Alireza Keymanesh, Zahra Moein, Billy Mark, Richard Newman, Amir Poosti, Hooria Rahimi,  Haleem Rasoul Stringz (Hardcore Detroit), Aja Salakastar Dier (Video 7), Ali Sina Shahani, Arya Tabandehpoor, Sasha Vulovic, and Julia Yezbick.

Mohsen Namjoo & Yahya Alkhansa
+Salar Ansari
July, 2018


Poetic Societies is thrilled to announce a day of Iranian music and culture with New York-based Iranian singer/songwriter, music scholar and setar (traditional Persian lute) player, Mohsen Namjoo, and Detroit-based DJ, Musician, Producer, and Sound Engenier, Salar Ansari in colaboration with The Arab American National Museum (AANM) and Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) as a part of the 26th Annual Concert of Colors in the city of Detroit. Hailed as the Bob Dylan of Iran by The New York Times, Namjoo is a visionary artist who speaks for the youth in Iran. Seamlessly blending the setar with electric guitar, and rock and blues vocal techniques with Persian avaz (singing), he fuses the ancient with the current. Yahya Alkhansa is an Iranian drummer and percussionist who mixes traditional rhythms and techniques with modern drumming. He was active in Iran’s underground music scene and moved to New York in 2011 to study at the Drummers Collective. He joined Mohsen Namjoo’s band in 2012. Salar Ansari is Poetic Societies’ Sound Director. He is a member of Luis Resto’s band Holly Fools.

Detroit-DubaiریموتAugust, 2017


Produced by Poetic Societies the World's First Telepresence Performing Arts Festival
provides real-time celebratory encounters between performers and audiences across continents and time zones.
REMOooOTE 2017 connects Detroit and Dubai in conjuncton with the Sidewalk Festival in Detroit. The pilot program presents a live DJ set by Salar Ansari and Mehdi Ansari in between the two cities. The sibling duos long history of collaboration is a crucial element for exploring the limitations of a parallel live music set. A continuous 8 second streaming delay will be incorporated creativly in their performances. REMOooOTE 2017 was hosted by Sidewalk Festival in Detroit and Analog Room in Duabi.

ABJEEZ ConcertNovember, 2017

After much patience and traveling dares, the Iranian Raggea sister singers and their fantastic band are finally here to give their bests to their long waiting Detroiter fans! Abjeez sisters are so excited for this opportunity and can just not wait to rock the El Club with their new full-length album, Pa Sho, fresh sounds, and (yes!) the nostalgic classics! Join us for this unforgettable evening of inclusivity! All ethnicities, colors, genders, kinds, and especially the residents of the Mexican town are welcome! Abjeez is thankful for the space and warmness you share and is determined to make this a memorable night with thrilling rhythms and beats from all corners of the world. Make sure to bring your dance shoes and your Abjeez will bring the energy!

Transmat 30th AnniversaryMay, 2016

As we prepare to establish Poetic Societies as a nonprofit institution, we are cocurating with Analog Room The 30th Anniversary of Transmat Record Label to be hosted by the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) as an Official Movement Electronic Music Festival After Party. Join us to celebrate the legacy, presence, and living memory of Transmat and its founder and MOCAD Board Member, Derrick May with Juan Atkins and Salar Ansari. All guests (18+) are welcomed from 10pm on Saturday, May 28, to the morning after, 5am. Discount is provided for MOCAD members and all Detroit residents. Be ready for a special tribute perfromance by  Haleem ‘Stringz’ Rasul dance performing artist, coreographer, a guardian of Detroit Jit, and Founder of Hardcore Detroit, House Dance protagonist Kafani ,and a Surprise House Dance female identified artist. The event follows a music discussion featuring the founders of Detroit Techno, better known as the Belleville Three. Juan Atkins, Derrick May, and Kevin Saunderson lead a panel moderated by Zachary Weedon. A Q&A session will follow the discussion. All panel events are open to the public, but limited seating is first-come, first served. We are honored to annoucne that Kraftwerk will be the special guest of the party. The legendary German band will join us after their performance at the Movement Festival. A special thanks to Sydney G. James for the artwork.