“Borderless Sound:

“آوای بدون مرز”

with A Guy Called Gerald

Hoster by Feeder Loft, Detroit + Xcept Studio, Shemshak, April 12, 2019

Poetic Societies is thrilled to announce the launch of its Telepresence Educational Program Series, Borderless Sound, consisting of workshops, recording,  and discursive  sessions that are focused on cross-cultural and cross-locational creation of music and sound design. The goal of the program is to circulate sonic skills and cultures among the  marginalized communities  across the globe.

Curated by Ava Ansari and Salar Ansari in collaboration with Mehdi Ansari and Siamak Amidi from Analog Room and Arya Ashkan the owner of Xcept Studios in Tehran and Shemshak who coordinated and hosted the program on that end, the first session of the series
was a five-hour, bi-locational workshop between the Feeder Loft located at the Eastern Market area in Detroit and Xcept Studios in Shemshak with the legendary A Guy Called Gerald. Twenty musicians, producers, performers, and DJs participated in the memorable program in both locations.

The first part of the session was an opportunity for Detroit and Tehran musicians to learn and explore REASON music software with Gerald who was visiting Poetic Societies Sound Director and resident, Salar Ansari, in Detroit from London. In the second section of the workshop musicians in both locations shared projects, got feedback, and asked questions about the music industry. This included listening and review of “MagiCity” of Poetic Societies’ Detroit resident, Salakastar, with beats by Xcept and curated by Avaa Ansari that creates a space of freedom and magic-as-power that connects the cities of Detroit and Tehran. Stau tuned for the song which will be released in 2020 as a single via Poetic Societies Record Label, “Forgotten Networks.”

In conjunction with the program, Detroit participants had the chance of seeing A Guy Called Gerald perform live at an underground venue in Detroit.