To further share the empathic qualities of its 1st Telepresence Performance & Music Festival with simultaneous acts by musicians and performers in Detroit and Tehran, Poetic Societies is producing  "ALL BLUE: Part One (MAJORELLE!)," the first album of its resident, Salakastar, and the first African-American/Iranian album, presenting a new generation of Detroit musicians to the globe.

Envisioned as a meditation kit with therapeutic songs, visuals, and means evoking blueness—depression, resilience, and magic—in Detroit and Tehran, the vinyl album will be a timely example of womxn of color using media to bridge conflict zones by connecting and celebrating their suppressed narratives of self, land, and belonging.

The blue space is where Salakastar performs the highest expression of her ancestral line. It is there that she can channel her un-slaved, un-colonized, de-traumatized, de-capitalized, magical self. A third-generation Detroiter, Salakastar comes from a family of displacement due to the economic crisises and ongoing gentrifications in Detroit. Channeling the color blue is Salakastar’s healing mechanism for treating personal and transgenerational trauma. The color is her dive into the infinite peace and power inside her.

"ALL BLUE: Part One (MAJORELLE!)" extends and connects the healing qualities of blueness as it corresponds to the global marginalized communities. It is consisted of songs that encapsulate the deepest healing qualities that Salakastar has discovered for treating herself. They are the results of Salakastar’s long battle with depression and her investigations on the color blue as it relates to the throat, the fifth chakra. The album carries extensive multiversal feminine qualities intersecting ancestral and contemporary times, spaces, and intentions.

Inspired by the complex philosophies and practices of divinity in African and Persian cultures, "ALL BLUE: PART ONE (MAJORELLE!)" will include a 12" vinyl of ceremonial songs in English infused with Farsi in a cover of delicate blue designs featuring Salakastar and healing elements from the album layered with African Fractals and Persian Sacred Geometry patterns with urban landscapes of Detroit and Tehran. Recorded at Luis Resto's music studio at the Eastern Market in collaboration with an incredible group of Detroit musicians, the album stays true to the ritualistic essence of its live performance and extends its empathic notions to intimate experiences of everyday healing.

"ALL BLUE: Part One (MAJORELLE!)" is created in collaboration with Poetic Societies residents Ava Ansari, Salar Ansari, Ian Fink, Supercoolwicked, and guest artists Ahya Simone, Sasha Ashperko, and Jake Shadik. Special thanks to Luis Resto’s music studio, the Feeder Loft.