THEY WILL CARRY USما را خواهند برد 

Multimedia Narrative, Telematic Ritual

Halima Cassells shares healing moments from her journey to motherhood from home birth to the Mississippi river over her ceremonial dance with her daughters and the waters of Rafael Leafar's musical composition. Closer to the end, Nia, Halima's daughter, reads sections of the book they wrote together responding to ones' existential question: Where do I come from?

Recipient of the “Radical Remedies” Award of Detroit Narrative Agency (DNA) 2020


Telematic Poetry

Jonah Mixon-Webster reads from his debut poetry collection, "Stereo(TYPE)," that received the 2017 Sawtooth Poetry Prize from Ahsahta Press, the 2019 PEN America/Joyce Osterweil Award, and was a finalist for the 2019 Lambda Literary Award for Gay Poetry. Jonah considers the poetics of space and body, of race and region, of sexuality and class in the present day—the water crisis in Flint, Michigan; systemic racism—within the architecture of the current collective crisis and imagination.

ALL BLUEهمه آبی

Telematic Meditation

Salakastar channels “Majorelle,” her ancestral spirit and uses her African-American lineage of rhythm/blues to heal the generational depression experienced by the descendants of the survivors of the Middle Passage and the souls that still exist in the deep blue of the Atlantic Ocean. By extending the healing qualities of the color blue Salakastar activates the 5th chakra, the place of Truth, voice, contact, and purification located in the throat.